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Who are we?

Dainties4u s.r.o. is an exclusive importer and distributor of premium branded confectionery products in the Czech Republic.


Dainties4U has been established in the Czech Republic since 2006. Our vision is to be recognized by our partners as the best vehicle with which to develop premium brands in selected markets within the Czech Republic and Central Europe.


The main mission of Dainties4U is to be more effective and more efficient in building Presence for our "given to keep" brands in the relevant channels and markets through excellent execution of sales, local marketing, and distribution.


Dainties4U co-operates with all important international retail channels and wholesalers in the Czech Republic.

Range of Products


Fazer Confectionery is the Nordic region's largest chocolate and sugar confectionery company.


Fazer Confectionery's prioritized brands are Karl Fazer, Dumle, Geisha, Fazermint, Tutti Frutti, Marianne.


Fazer Confectionery's production facilities are located in Finland.


Focus on the good.

Fazers Geisha is unique. A silky soft, delicious hazelnut filling combined with the finest Fazer milk chocolate. Soft, yet crispy


Karl Fazer

Makes the world taste good.

The product carries the signature of Fazers founder as a guarantee of high quality. Karl Fazer is the chocolate which melts in your mouth. The secret is that Fazer Blue is the only milk chocolate in the Nordic countries that are still manufactured in the traditional way, using fresh milk.

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It's just a fruit.

froosh! is a young, developing brand originally from Sweden. thanks to its great taste and freshness it captured the hearts and souls of millions of customers all around the Nordic territory. smoothies are 100% fruit without any added sugar, concentrates, or preservatives. 




Dumle is a joyful classic that will never grow up. This delicious sweet of soft chewy toffee and smooth Fazer chocolate will always put you on a good mood. There’s enough joy for you and your friends in one bag!

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Tutti Frutti


We’re here because we believe in
naturalness. Accepting who we are just as we are. Out of nature, part of nature.

All different, equally unique.


Na Veselou 962, Beroun 266 01

tel: +420 313 109 990

fax: +420 313 109 991

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